2018, let's do this.


A new season of my life started in the spring of 2015. I took a solo trip to Europe, met a guy in London, and moved across the pond that autumn, as you do. I went from working in an office, to working remotely, to working for myself. I started off staying in various Airbnbs and ended up living in a 3-bedroom townhouse; went from living out of a suitcase to having two dogs and an Isle of Man phone contract. I blogged about the whole thing, posting weekly updates on this brand new life for my now faraway friends.

2015 was a blur of new love and adjusting to the left side of the road. 2016 was big and tumultuous, and the guy from London (now known as Tom the boyfriend) and I did our best to roll with the punches. Finally, 2017 was when things really fell into place.


In this last year I got my UK partner visa sorted out, registered my business in the Isle of Man, and even received some much appreciated government grant money. I said yes to every possible career opportunity, did tons of local press and events, and watched my client base grow. I finally got up the nerve to start the island's first drink & draw (which has been a runaway success), and launched a crafty pop-up shop with a handful of wonderful local creatives. I slowly made some really cool friends in my new country. The debt I recklessly accumulated over the last 2 years started to get a little smaller. I even got my health and fitness in check and managed to lose 30 pounds in a way that was actually fun?!?! Now that's a good year.

When I look back at the girl who took a solo trip to Europe in the spring of 2015, I love her, but she has evolved. I'm in a different season of life now, a more confident one. I have my footing, a budding community, a career of my own making. I feel both grounded and ready to expand.


I love setting New Year's resolutions, even if I don't always stick to them. I failed to read a book a month in 2017; I only regularly meditated for a couple of weeks. But it's a new year, and so we take stock, make a list, and try again. Here's what I'm working on:

  1. The fitness journey continues, and I'm going to try to get down to my middle of "normal" BMI. I've never been that weight before, but I've got the momentum and the knowledge to make it happen this year.
  2. Since starting the Keird Collective Pop-Up Shop in November, I realized that I've been creating all this custom work for clients but not making things for myself. This isn't very helpful when you're trying to fill a shop with things to sell. I want to make a product line with my original artwork, and apply for a small grant to fund its production.
  3. I plan to exceed my first year of income in the Isle of Man, transition Kim Gee Studio from a sole proprietor to a limited company, and have my bookkeeping totally up to scratch. Scary, but important.
  4. I want to reduce my personal debt, and possibly even demolish it. This seems very unrealistic, but I'm in control of my income, so anything is possible.
  5. After 10 years without getting behind the wheel, I want to take driving lessons again and learn how to drive manual. This makes me extremely nervous, but I know it will be so good for me.
  6. I still want to try to meditate regularly, so I'm going to aim to listen to a guided meditation 3 times a week.
  7. A few self-helpy things: finish the online course on abundance I signed up for last year, possibly sign up for an intuition course, maybe go on a yoga/meditation retreat??
  8. Travel to California in March, Amsterdam in spring, Edinburgh in summer, Canada and New York in autumn. And take a few trips to Cornwall throughout the year, hopefully when the sun is out.
  9. Host two Isle of Man Drawing Club events per month, which is harder than it looks but so, so fulfilling.
  10. Kayak! It's very fun.

I'm an optimistic person by nature; a friend recently called me a sunbeam. So maybe I say this about everything, but I have a good feeling about this year. World politics may be a dumpster fire, but I'm keeping my focus close to home. If I can make myself happy and vibrant, I'm better equipped to contribute to my creative community in a positive way, and I can make life a little better for a lot of people. What more can you ask for?

I've retired my old blogging style of weekly life updates, but you'll be able to find me here at this new blog now and then for portfolio updates, event announcements, and musings on whatever is rolling around in my head. I'm excited to have a more freeform place to communicate, and am just generally excited about everything.

Happy 2018, let's do this!