Hospice Bag for Life


We are all familiar with the recent move to reduce single use plastic following increasing concerns about plastic pollution in the environment. Well, Hospice Isle of Man is taking an ethical stance and is delighted to announce its environmentally-friendly, reusable shopping bags. The Hospice “Bag for Life” demonstrates not only our care for the environment, but our care for the community and the ethical responsibility that we all share.

Working in community partnership, Hospice Isle of Man is collaborating with local artists and designers to bring to the Island a series of shopping bags, you can use time and time again, whilst supporting your local Hospice. Kim Gee, local artist and graphic designer at Kim Gee Studios, has produced the artwork for our very first shopping bag, featuring designs which beautifully represent some of our key values at Hospice, including support, warmth, dignity, community, compassion and care.

Similarly priced to other high street retailer’s bags, our “Bag for Life” is available to purchase for just £5, and in our instance the money is going to somewhere worthwhile, with proceeds coming back to patient care at Hospice Isle of Man.  Available in all of our Hospice shops, warehouse and here in our reception, join us in caring for our community AND our environment by purchasing your collectable, eco-friendly, reusable shopping bag today.

Originally published on Hospice.org.im

Kim Graziano